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Zensuous Essential Oil Candle Burner Dark Brown wWide Base Ceramic Burner

Zensuous Essential Oil Candle Burner Dark Brown wWide Base Ceramic Burner

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SKU: 13245
Weight: 780 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: Zen Suous
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  • Aromatherapy Tealight candle Burner
  • Material:Ceramic
  • Function:Aromatherapy Oil Burner,Home Decoration
  • Dimension :L X W X H:10 x 10 x 10cm
  • Top bowl contain water level:180ml
  • Burner Weight:+-380gram
  • Use for Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Oil ,Fragrance Oil & Scented Candle Tart
  • Package :Bubble Bag & Recycle Box

Benefit of using aroma burner
An aroma oil burner usually consists of a chamber in which to place a small tea light candle, which serves to heat the oil. The oil itself rests in a small, concave dish directly overtop the candle chamber, usually diluted with some spring water. The candle is lit, and in only a minute, warms the water/oil mixture, the smell of which is then released into the surrounding air -- without producing smoke or ash.
And the advantages to burning oils in an aroma oil burner are readily apparent. Aroma oil burners are simple and easy to use; they cost little, and, properly taken care of, will last indefinitely. The process is all-natural, and one need not ever worry about side effects from harmful, synthetic chemicals. Unlike incense, the burning of essential oil in an aroma oil burner produces no smoke, and leaves behind no ash or debris. And, in addition to providing therapeutic benefits, use of aroma oil burners will greatly enhance the olfactory beauty of your living space!
Whether for physical or psychological benefit, or simply to enhance the atmosphere of your home, burning essential oils in an aroma oil burner is a wonderful way to reconnect with, and rediscover your body’s timeless connection with the flora of our wondrous planet. It can provide a soothing respite after a hard day’s labor, or help to awaken the body and mind before vigorous activity. It can help center you for evening meditation, or enliven a gathering of friends. In short, burning essential oil in an aroma oil burner is a simple, beautiful activity that can benefit any and everyone.
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