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Zensuous Gift Set D - Round Ceramic Aroma Electric Burner with 6 Aromatherapy oil 15ml
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Zensuous Gift Set D - Round Ceramic Aroma Electric Burner with 6 Aromatherapy oil 15ml

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SKU: Home Spa Set 6 (Relaxing Set)
Weight: 1 kg, 500 grams
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Brand: Zen Suous
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110V / 220V Ceramic Aromatherapy Oil Burner, Electric Oil Warmer For Night Light EB20





EB 20


Ceramic Oil Burner Candle Burner, Essential Oil Warmer, 

Fragrance Oil Burner




Ceramic (decal, glazed, lacquer, hand-painted etc.)




No Flame and safe


  • Various style, shapes, colors and crafts available, warmly welcome customers’ own design
  • Pure handicraft, high-quality with reasonable price directly from factory and have stock
  • Can print your own logo on oil burners and make your own packaging box.      
  • Suitable for home, office, hotel, bars etc, creating creating a subtle, soft, luxurious and cheerful scent          
  • Environmental and safe for human use, classic handicraft  

A home fragrance oil burner is the perfect way to add beautiful scent and fragrance to your home. Oils have long been used to add scent and fragrance to a home. Essential oils are oils that are created taking the natural fragrance of plants creating special oils that contain the fragrance of the plant. Essential oils are created from all types of natural plant products including leaves, petals, seeds and bark. For many centuries, plant material has been used as a house freshener and modern households are now rediscovering the delights of fragrance oils to add an extra ambiance to a home.


  • High-quality and competitive price.
  • Quick leadtime for sample and production.
  • ceramic burner with fragrance oil
  • Scent is continually released
  • No flames or fire risk
  • Can be left unattended
  • Gives weeks of fine fragrance


1--Natural, simple and safe way to scent the fragrance throughout your home, office.

2--Perfect choice to create an elegant, fashionable element in your home / office and best gift for your friends, relatives, colleagues.

3--Easy to use with little mess, safe and can be used for extended periods,

4--Ideal choice for those working with sleep inducing oils.

5-- Safer to use than standard oil burner which use a naked flame.

6--Electric oil burner maintains a steady temperature, with no worries about hot water and oil.

7-- Great to use for meditation, or in the bedroom, or the kids room.






(1) Simply plug into a standard electrical outlet and allow 15 minutes to reach full operating temperature.

(2) Add 8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend to the recessed bowl and enjoy.

(3) Use only pure essential oil or essential oil blends, products diluted with base/carrier oils will not vaporize.



(1) Avoid contact with eyes. Washing skin if oil comes in contact with it. Oil may cause staining on wood surfaces and fabrics.

(2) Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with excessive heat or open flames.




2.Aromatherapy oil x 6 bottles:

Relaxing Set: French Lavender , Rose ,Romance , Eucalyptus , Peppermint ,Lemongrass.

Guide to use Aromatherapy Oil.

For Relax: French lavender ,Lavender Rose ,Ocean ,Jasmine ,Lemongrass ,relaxing, Rose,Calming, White Musk ,Frangipani,Romance Eucalyptus,Sandalwood.

For Refresh :Apple Fresh, Morning Dew,Ocean ,Refresh,Vanilla,White Musk,Peppermint,Eucalyptus.

For Stress:Relaxing ,Caliming ,French Lavender ,Ocean,Eucalyptus,Sandalwood ,Peppermint,Lemongrass,Morning Dew

For Study:Ocean,Morning Dew,Refresh,Peppermint,frangipani,White Musk,

For Anti Bud/Smoke:Lemongrass,Citronella, Aftertobacco,Ocean,Refresh

For Peace:Sandalwood , Relaxing ,Calming,Ocean Jasmine,Lavender Rose,French Lavender,Eucalyptus

For Party:Refresh ,Romance,Calming,Rose,Ocean ,Vanilla,Lemongrass,French Lavender,Lavender Rose ,Apple fresh ,citronella ,Aftertobacco(outdoor use also)

For Romantic:Romance ,Rose,Lavender Rose,Frangipani,White Musk.

For Good Sleep :Relaxing ,Lemongrass ,Eucalyptus,Calming,Lavender Rose.

For Good Habitite:Apple Fresh ,Mornig Dew, Vanilla,Peppermint

For nervous Tension:French Lavender, Lavender rose,Relaixing,Refresh,Calming.




This perfect set that can blend well with each other and can be anywhere any time you like:    


blend:   French Lavender +Rose            (Good for Relaxing)


             Eucalyptus +Peppermint            (Good for Sinus ,Good breathing, Purify Air)


             Peppermint+Lemongrass           (Good for Strees Relief)           


             French lavender + Lemongrass  (Good for Relaxing , promote good sleep)


Name :
Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : i bought it over facebook , and it is a very good deal for me

Name :
Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : This set that I got has six different Aroma oils every single one of them smells absolutely amazing. You can use some separate or mix them together for your own personal blend.Love the burner ,it's so beautiful.

Name :
Rating : 100%
Date :
Review : Great Electric burner , Thank you for all the info and tips from you . Love it very much