ZenSuous Aromatherapy 无烟熏香 Reed Diffuser Oil 100ml per bottles (1 pack of Reed stick included)- 8 scents


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  • 改善环境卫生,消除异味,分解二手烟及净化空气。
  • Improve environmental hygiene, eliminate odor, decompose second-hand smoke and purify the air.
  • 增强抵抗力,预防疾病及降低高血压。
  • Enhance immunity, prevent disease and reduce high blood pressure.
  • 增强体力及肺活量,促进新陈代谢。
  • Enhance physical strength and lung capacity, and promote metabolism.
  • 改善呼吸道,鼻敏感及气喘等毛病。
  • Improve respiratory tract, nasal allergy and asthma.
  • 驱除蚊虫,灭螨抗菌。
  • Repel mosquitoes, kill mites and antibacterial.
  • 平衡荷尔蒙,活化细胞,防止老化。
  • Balance hormones, activate cells, prevent aging.
  • 提神醒脑,增强记忆力。安抚烦躁,舒解压力,失眠,头痛,令人心情愉快
  • Refreshing and enhancing memory. Soothe irritability, relieve stress, insomnia, headache, and make you feel good
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