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The origin of incense sticks comes from decades ago. Incense sticks attract and repel energies

and help in meditation. Their perfumes very from sweet, musk, citrus, lime and fruity. They are

availablein different fragrances like Rose, Sandalwood, Lavender, Mogra, Jasmine, vanila, apple,

cinnamon, etc.The magic of incense helps to connect multitude of feelings that can be creative,

therapeutic, erotic, etc. Spiritual healing also connects with the aromatic incense sticks. Different

fragrances are associated with different aspects of life and energy.

Benefits of Incense Sticks:

Purifies the Atmosphere

Aromatic incense is believed to purify the atmosphere like it helps smother the scent of decay in ceremonies.


Incense aroma is believed to set the atmosphere scented and helps in meditation. Certain fragrances

attract specific aspects of God that is believed to generate inner consciousness.

Freshens up the Room

 Scented Incense sticks freshen up a room and hide odours. In some religions it is believed to fight

negative energies and cleanse the unwanted energies of rooms.

Freshens up mind, body and soul

From ancient times, the aromas help set the mind, body and spirit fresh. The aromatic incense sticks arousethe positive in us.

Aroma of incense is used for medicinal therapy

Different Incense sticks help fight depression, infections, reduces tension and anxiety.

Sticks with fragrance like Lavender, Rose, and Cinnamon help fight infections.

The best part is you can make incense from oil, seeds and plant resins to create your favourite aroma

around. The incense sticks find space majorly in our bedrooms. The best way to present the incense

sticks is in a pot or a bracket. Try out some at home.