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Electric oil burners have become one of the most popular ways to carry out aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is an ancient tradition that uses essential oils that have been extracted from plants to promote a wide range of health benefits. Electric oil burners heat up the essential oils in the aroma lamps, which in turn diffuse pleasing scents into the air. The essential oils used in electric oil burners that come from plants possess numerous therapeutic properties, including the ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

Aroma Lamps & Oils offers beautifully designed electric oil burners that release delightful fragrances and create an inviting ambiance in any home or office. Electric oil burners diffuse scents that create an atmosphere of tranquility or an atmosphere of energy and stimulation. As the air is perfumed, airborne bacteria is simultaneously eradicated, therefore unpleasant odors are not simply covered up they are eliminated.

Electric oil burners are more effective and powerful than scented candles and provide numerous additional benefits ranging from increased levels of oxygen in the air to improved sleep. They also help boost the immune system, alleviate tension headaches, stimulate memory, and they can even ease depression. Essential oils and electric oil burners have this effect because the inhalation of scents is directly connected to the brain's limbic system. When an essential oil is inhaled it travels to the brains central nervous system, which is the area of the brain related to emotion. Essential oils used in electric oil burners are completely natural and have been used in therapeutic remedies for thousands of years.

Not only do the essential oils in electric oil burners provide multiple health benefits, they are also much safer than candles. Because electric oil burners do not have an open flame, they provide peace of mind wherever you choose to use them. Electric oil burners are the perfect addition to any home or office and are a wonderfully unique and thoughtful gift. The multiple designs, in conjunction with the various scents, make electric oil burners extremely customizable as well.

Give the gift that adorns any room and helps treat stress, tension, and even depression. We are positive that you will enjoy the multitude of benefits our electric oil burners provide.

    Zensuous Gift Set Magical Forest  Cone Aroma Electric Burner with 4 bottles of Aroma Oil 15ml
    • Rectangle Magical Flower Aroma Electric Burner
    • 4 x aromatherpay oil 15ml 
    • Various style, shapes, colors and crafts available, warmly welcome customers’ own design
    • Pure handicraft, high-quality with reasonable price directly from factory and have stock
    • Can print your own logo on oil burners and make your own packaging box.      
    • Suitable for home, office, hotel, bars etc, creating creating a subtle, soft, luxurious and cheerful scent   
    • Environmental and safe for human use, classic handicraft  

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    Zensuous Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with 4 Aromatherapy  oil 15ml of Own Choice

    • Ultrasonic Diffuser 100ml 
    • Select your own choice of aromatherapy oil15ml x 4 bottles
    RM300.00   150.00   50%
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