Who are we?

ZenSuous is a proud homegrown brand providing and supplying quality Malaysia aromatherapy and spa related products . Established in 2003. Since then, ZenSuous has grown to supply and produce quality Malaysia aromatherapy and spa products as our core items and also artistic and beautifully spa related accessories + decoration. Feel free to visit us at our outlets below and check out our high quality and unique products that will provide you the sense of peace, happiness and tranquility!


Branding Positioning

With a focus on Aromachology , ZenSuous delivers quality products related to spa and aromatherapy by using only natural products that are satisfaction guaranteed.


Branding Personality

ZenSuous follows a natural approach in terms of their overall personality with a branding that reflects nature with a dash of contemporary elements.


The ZenSuous Mission

Our mission is to provide a solution to a emotional and physical well balanced lifestyle. Every moment counts! Malaysia Aromatherapy helps to make that a reality, drop by drop. And it makes everyone smell nicer, too! We see a world where the wisdom of plants helps us get through our days — naturally and beautifully. And where whatever we need to feel rejuvenated — whether it’s supreme focus, radiant health, beautiful skin, or just a good night’s rest — is within our reach.




The Zen Vision

Our vision is to embrace the earth as our ally. With all its natural abundance, and as it cares for us, we too care for it. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our modern way of life, or quit our jobs and move to gardening communities. Our vision is to provide the way for people to strengthen connections with themselves through a holistic practice, to live happier and healthier live.

ZenSuous is our way of helping you reconnect with yourself and clear away the clutter — mentally, emotionally, and physically — so you can shine your brightest.

Healing begins with aromatic baths and daily massages.   Hippocrates